When I say tristan and mikayla are two of the nicest people you will ever meet, i mean it. our original engagement location was supposed to be down by altoona beach but to our surprise, there was a ski sprites show going on! there was so many people down at the beach there was just no way we could make it work to shoot there. mikayla was instantly down to try a new location and we thought to head up to riverview beach. oh boy, i must have missed something because let's just say riverview beach is most definitely not a beach. when we arrived there was a small patch of water that looked like a boat landing and that was about it! these two made the most out of our session and were down to try anything. looking at the photos, you would never guess we were standing an 8 ft beach. These two are tying the know in only 20 days and we cannot wait to watch them walk down the aisle...swoon!