Hi again!! We are so excited to be sharing this page with you because that means your wedding day is getting close!! The countdown is on! Tyler + I have been a part of many weddings and we would love to share with you a few sample timelines!



Time: up to 3 hours

The getting ready portion of your day will begin with the bridesmaids starting hair and makeup. The bride should start with hair/makeup first so she is ready for getting ready pictures! We always love to capture a photo with your bridesmaids either in your robes/outfits as well as any detail photos (brides dress and details which include the rings, bouquet, shoes, jewelry, perfume, etc). After, we start getting into the wedding dress and first look photos/video. It is important that whoever helps you into your wedding dress are also dressed with hair/makeup! Usually the guys will arrive a little later in the morning since they do not require as much time to get ready.

*It is always nice to provide breakfast for your bridal party! You guys will wake up early and it will be a long (but super fun) day!


Time: 20 minutes

When it comes to the first look, we recommend to find a location that is private - that means no parents/bridal party watching! Why? Well most of the time you will be reading a letter or your vows to each other and this is a special moment! You want it to be private because it can be so emotional!


Time: 30-60 minutes

We recommend the bridal party to go into hiding about 30 minutes from the ceremony time. That way you will not be seen by your guests and it will be a total surprise when you walk downtime aisle. If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure to coordinate with your DJ to determine if they will be available to provide audio/speakers for the ceremony!


Time: 1 hour minimum is recommended

Cocktail hour typically begins immediately following the ceremony and is the kickoff to the reception! We recommend your cocktail hour to last at least an hour to allow you to get photos with your immediate family as well as bride + groom photos if there was not a first look.


Time: 15 minutes

Following cocktail hour, guests will be invited to take their seats for dinner in the main dining room. Typically, we will work closely with your DJ to make sure to have this announced to the guests as well as if there is assigned seating for dinner.


Time: 15 minutes

Once everyone has found their seats, the newlyweds are formally introduced to wedding guests! Depending on your wedding party, some couples decide to have an introduction to each bridal party member which includes a short back story on how they know/met the bride or groom.

*Grand march can happen at the start of dinner or some couples opt to have the grand march lead into the first dance after dinner.


Time: 1-2 hours

Typically dinner will last about 1-2 hours hours depending on the meal-service style you choose for your reception (buffet, family-style, traditional three-course dinner, etc.). From our experience, we have found buffet style to take the longest, especially if there is a single buffet line. We also recommend to talk with your caterer/venue to find out how the buffet line to be organized to make sure there is still room for your guests to move freely in the reception area.


Time: 10-15 minutes

In between meal courses, the maid of honor, best man and father of the bride will be invited to say a few words about the happy couple. The best speeches include a story that is heartfelt, includes how they know the bride or groom and how they are as a couple!


Time: 15 minutes

Choose a song that has the most meaning to you as a couple! You can choose to dance for the for a full song, or ask your band or DJ to fade out about two minutes in. Following the bride + grooms first dance, the DJ will announce father of the bride and mother of the groom dances. Right after the first dances, we recommend to have your DJ switch to a high-energy song to help get your guests in the mood to fill the dance floor!


Time: 5 minutes

A lot of our wedding couples opt to have their grand exit in the early stages of the dancing! By having your sparkler, bubble or confetti exit early, it allows those to be there that may have taken off later in the night!


Time: 5 minutes

Your wedding day will go by faster than you can image. Some couples choose to do a last dance with just themselves on the dance floor. If you are comfortable asking, you can also request your remaining guests to wait outside the reception venue.